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HDPE geomembrane finished product testing and repair

HDPE geomembrane finished product testing and repair
1. The welder operator should indicate the welder and the name and welding time next to the welded specimen and the construction weld.
2. The construction process should be done by the project manager or construction team leader construction log.
3. Test by three steps, namely visual inspection, inflation testing and destruction test.
4. The main visual inspection of the geomembrane laying, weld quality, T-welding, substrate debris and other careful examination, all construction workers should be carried out in this work all the construction process.
5. For all weld tightness in addition to visual inspection, but also the use of vacuum testing, vacuum testing of parts should be strengthened self-test.
6. Inflation pressure detection inflatable strength of 0.25Mpa, 5 minutes without leakage, taking into account the membrane is more flexible and easy deformation, allowing the pressure drop of 20%
7. In the double-track weld on the sample taken when the tensile test, the standard is done in the peel and shear test, the weld is not torn open while the mother was torn to tear damage, welding qualified at this time, if The sample failed, it should be taken in the original weld on the second block, even with three failed, you should deal with the entire weld for rework.
8. After the test of qualified samples, send the owner, the general contractor and the relevant archives.
9. In the visual, inflatable test, damage test found defects, should be promptly repaired, not immediately repaired, to be marked to prevent omission in the repair.
10. Visual inspection and found that the membrane surface defects such as holes and defects in the welding process of the leak welding, Weld, damaged, etc., should be promptly repaired with fresh base metal, fill scar on each side beyond the damaged parts of 10-20cm. And make a record.
11. For the repair of the weld, the general should conduct a detailed visual inspection to confirm the repair before releasing reliable.


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