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Connaught project describes the geomembrane construction matters needing attention

1. Electrical equipment, power lines should meet the requirements of professional standards.
2 hot air guns, grinders and welding machine towing the power cord in the process of using, must be far away from their work site, so as to avoid damage to the brain line leakage.
3. In addition to hot air welding, the mouth of the hot air gun in any case are not in contact with the HDPE film, and as far as possible from the membrane surface, the human body, machinery and other objects.
4.When the welding machine is not in use, it should not be directly placed on the surface of HDPE film, it should be placed on the bracket or sandbag belt.
5. After the film cutter is used, the blade should be immediately retracted inside the knife box.
6 in the field of various temporary small tools, use is completed, should be promptly placed in the toolbox.
7. It is strictly forbidden to drop the soldering material removed from the extrusion welding machine gun head directly on the geomembrane surface.
8. Where in dangerous places such as steep slope edge work, you must wear a seat belt, you must wear a helmet.
9.HDPE geomembrane construction site no smoking, should also be equipped with fire facilities, shall not wear shoes with iron nails or high-heeled hard-soled shoes to the film surface to walk, is not allowed to engage in any activities that may undermine the geomembrane finished products.


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