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HDPE geomembrane landfill application

First, the basic requirements
1. Laying HDPE geomembrane, should be with the earthworking party to establish, design, owners of the laying of the substrate to conduct a comprehensive inspection, meet the design requirements, to meet the construction conditions, and for the handover inspection records before construction.
2. The quality of the base surface should meet the design requirements: bottom surface of the pit, slope and its slope ratio, the anchor groove on the slope, the interface between the slope and the righteous surface, and the concrete surface of the concrete wall of the warehouse should meet the design requirements strictly.
3. The base surface should be dry, compacted, smooth, no cracks, no sharp cusp, no muddy, no depression, the vertical depth of 25mm should be within the roots, rubble, stones, steel head, glass crumbs. The smoothness should be within the allowable range of gentle changes, uniform slope, the same slope.
4. The base of the yin and yang corner at the shadow of a smooth transition, the root column should be made into an arc.
5. The substrate surface is dry, moisture content should be below 15%.
6. The substrate should be dense and uniform. The dry density of the soil substrate shall not be less than 1.4t / m2.
7 in the civil engineering, supervision, design units, owners, general contractor acceptance signature can be paved geomembrane construction.
Second, the construction of the climate requirements
1. Temperature should be generally above five degrees Celsius, geotextile should be more tension at low temperatures, geomembrane should be relaxed at high temperatures.
Wind below four levels.
3. When the temperature is too low, winds above grade 4 and rainy and snowy weather should generally not be applied.
4 in the wind and weather, the impact of wind geomembrane construction, HDPE geomembrane to be welded sand bag pressing.
Third, the laying of HDPE geomembrane
1. Before laying HDPE geomembrane should be civil engineering acceptance certificate.
2.HDPE impermeable membrane cutting, it should be accurate measurement of the relevant dimensions, and then cut according to the actual, generally should not be cut according to the size of the diagram should be piece by piece number, a detailed record in a special form.
Laying HDPE geomembrane should strive to weld at least, to ensure the quality of the premise, try to save raw materials. At the same time also easy to ensure quality.
4. Lamination between the film and the film lap width is generally not less than 10cm, usually so that the weld alignment parallel to the maximum gradient, that is, along the slope direction.
5. Usually in the corner and deformity, the seam length should be minimized. Unless otherwise specified, no weld is to be provided within 1.5 m of the slope or stress concentration zone on slopes above 1: 6.
6.HDPE geomembrane in the laying, should avoid the artificial folds, the temperature is low, should try to tighten, pave the way.
7.HDPE geomembrane laying is completed, should minimize the walking in the film surface, moving tools, who can cause harm to the HDPE film, should not be placed on the film or carry on the film to walk, so as not to membrane Accidental injury.


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