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Plastic drainage board construction precautions

Clean up the rubbish on the construction site and make the cement leveled so that there is no obvious bump on the site. The outdoor garage roof and roof garden need 2-5 ‰ slope-seeking roof greening and outdoor garage roof greening, which can be used with porous pipes to drain the plastic The water discharged from the board will be discharged to the nearby sewer pipe or the nearby city sewer. Basement seepage on the ground, the ground above the ground floor, which is done in front of the floor to do a layer of drainage board, round the table down, leaving a blind ditch around, so that the groundwater does not come, seepage through the natural drainage Of the space into the blind ditch around, and then into the sump through the blind ditch. HDPE drainage board basement wall seepage seepage, drainage wall can be laid in the main building wall, round the table for the main wall, drainage board and then re-build a single wall or wire mesh powder cement to protect the drainage board, Let the water seepage board outside the wall straight down into the blind ditch straight into the sump. Drainage boards should be laid in any area. Care must be taken not to allow dirt, cement, yellow sand and other rubbish to enter the front space of the drainage board to ensure that the drainage board is free of space.
When the plastic drainage board laid as much as possible to protect the construction of the level or outdoor garage drains should be promptly completed backfill as soon as possible to prevent the wind gusting drainage affect the quality of laying; basement and interior waterproofing to do a good job as soon as possible protective layer , To prevent the drainage board was destroyed by people or things. Backfill soil is clay, geotextile above 3-5 cm yellow sand required for the ideal, is conducive to geotextile drainage; such as backfill soil is a nutrient soil or light soil no longer need to lay a layer of yellow Sand, the soil itself is very loose and easy to drain water.
Drains in the laying of the edge and the right side of the next lap 1-2 fulcrum, you can also touch the floor of the two, above the use of geotextile lap, as long as there is no dirt into the drainage channels of drainage can be, to maintain drainage.


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