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Analysis on Quality Control of Planting Drainage Board System

Analysis on Quality Control of Planting Drainage Board System
Planting roof drainage system should be implemented this standard method must be implemented "roofing technical specifications" (GB50345-2004), "planting roofing technical specifications" JGJ155- 2007. Construction and acceptance should be consistent with "Roof Quality Acceptance Code" (GB50202-2002). Plastic sandwich meets 02J301 "underground construction waterproofing" requirements.
Quality requirements
1 master project
      Planting roof waterproof layer, drainage layer and soil-separated materials should meet the design requirements. Test Method: Check the product certification and on-site sampling factory re-inspection report. Planting retaining wall drainage holes to leave the location must meet the design requirements, and may not block.
Test methods: observation and measurement. Planting roof waterproofing layer construction must meet the design requirements, may not have leakage.
Test methods: water test or water storage to the required height of inspection.
2 General project to find slope, leveling layer, planting soil surface roughness, drainage slope should meet the design requirements, test methods: observation and ruler inspection. Drainage geotextile lap to meet the design requirements, test methods: observation and ruler inspection.
Replacing the protective layer: When applied to roofing, the drainage protection system can be laid directly on the waterproof layer to replace the rigid protective layer of concrete of 7 cm to 9 cm above the waterproof layer in the traditional roofing, so that the protective layer The original rigidity becomes flexible, making the construction easier and faster, and fundamentally reducing the damage to the completed waterproof layer during the construction process of the rigid protective layer. From the perspective of the whole project, the drainage board is constructed quickly without the need of curing the backfill soil Follow up, greatly reducing the duration, saving manpower, financial resources and material resources.
Alternative drainage layer: This drainage protection system replaces the gravel / pebble drainage layer of 10cm ~ 20cm in the traditional method, thus reducing the roof load, reducing the construction cost and saving the construction space.
The drainage protection plate itself is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), high-density polyethylene itself is resistant to plant root puncture, so the application of this drainage plate on the roof planted: ① plant roots to prevent plant damage to the waterproof layer and roof structure , Thus effectively prevent the roof leakage; ② high-density polyethylene products with stable performance, its own degradation period of 100 years or more, can be done with the life of the structure; ③ high-density polyethylene chemical corrosion, the natural environment and the general industrial environment The acid, alkali, salt can not cause corrosion damage. The drainage board toughness, high tensile strength, which is polystyrene, polypropylene can not be done, its own tensile strength and compressive strength to ensure that the gap sandwich is not deformed, so as to achieve good drainage effect.
Construction is simple and quick: Planting the roof with the drainage protection plate just after the acceptance of the waterproof layer tile welding (buckle) can be. The construction site installation quality at a glance, easy to protect the quality.


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