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Introduction and construction of bidirectional plastic geogrid

Bi-oriented plastic geogrid appearance similar to the square network-like structure, which is polypropylene as the main raw material, through the extrusion and then longitudinal and transverse stretching to form a high-strength geotextile material. The material has a large stretch in the vertical and horizontal light, is widely used in soft ground reinforcement.
Two-way stretch plastic geogrid use:
1, applicable to all kinds of road, railway, airport roadbed enhanced pavement enhancement.
2, suitable for large parking lot and dock yard and other permanent bearing base enhanced.
3, suitable for culvert enhancement.
4, suitable for railway, highway slope protection.
5, suitable for mine tunnel reinforcement.
6, two-way plastic geogrid for cage fish net.
7, It is suitable for the secondary reinforcement of the soil slope after the unidirectional stretch geogrid is reinforced, further enhancing the soil slope and preventing soil erosion.
8, suitable for livestock breeding network.


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