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Product description


Nuolian geocell is three dimensional, honeycomb structures manufactured from high density polyethylene and welded by ultrasonic technique.

It is flexible to fold during the transport and installation on construction site.

The geocell nets will be filled with soils, granular, cements or other on-site infill materials when stretched into web structures, which has powerful and rigid confinement in the lateral and vertical sides.



Function & Application

Function :
1.Capable and easily be expanded or contracted, small size for transportation, easy for connect and construction speed is fast .
2.Material is light, abrasion resistance, chemical properties stable, resist photo oxidation aging, acid and alkali resistant, suitable for different soil and soil conditions, such as desert .
3.Good lateral restrict and prevent slippery, prevent deformation, effectively enhance the bearing capacity of subgrade and dispersed loads function .

Application :
1.Load support: solve unacceptable road, parking, and yard surface problems.
2.Slope protection: create a stable environment for long-term sustainability of embankment material.
3.Channel protection: Ensure stability and protection of channels exposed to all types of erosive conditions.
4.Vegetated retaining walls; includes steepened slopes, retaining walls, gravity walls and so on.


Technical Para

Production & Package

Production: HDPE plates made from HDPE raw material ,put strip polymer sheets parallel joint together after ultrasonic welding.

Package: Packed by plastic strip,put on pallet,covered by plastic membrane.

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