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Product description


3D geomat is a kind of 3D network structure made of high molecular synthetic material. It is applied to plant and fix soil with loose texture and leaves 90% space to fill earth, sand and stones. Plant roots can go across it, and grow comfortably. Turf after growing can let mat, grass and earth be combined together firmly. Plant roots can deep 30-50cm under the land surface, so it forms a layer of solid green composite protecting layer.


Function & Application

1. It can protect earth from being eroded by winds and rains before grass growing up; 

2. It can keep grass seeds distributed in slope firmly, and avoid to be washed; 

3. The mat can absorb thermal energy abundantly, increase ground wet, promote seed sprout, and prolong growth term of plants; 

4. Plants can form composite protection layer and endure wash with high water and fast speed; 

5. It can replace long-lasting slope protection materials such as concrete, pitch, block, etc., and can be used in slope protection such as road, railway, river, dam, mountain slope, etc.; 


Technical Para

Production & Package


Standard export packing, or customized packing as your request.

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